UDE Points Program is Closed

It's been awhile since players have been able to redeem UDE Points for WoW Loot. This is due to Upper Deck no longer handling the WoW TCG. Unfortunately, those of you with a lot of stored up UDE Points, or worse yet, UDE points cards, are likely going to be victims of this Blizz / UDE falling out.

UDE is no longer recognizing redeemable points for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. They are (supposedly) working towards a system that will allow players to spend the points they have on file. This may or may not happen, but what is certain is that those of you with non-redeemed points cards may as well use them to start your next BBQ. I seriously doubt that any UDE Points cards which have not been redeemed as of yet, will ever be redeemable through the Cryptozoic/Blizzard system moving forward.

It would be nice if Blizzard, Cryptozoic and Upper Deck could work together and find some sort of interim solution that would allow for UDE Points redemption. Perhaps simply make them all redeemable for Landro's Gift Boxes or something. It seems a shame that all of the non-redeemed UDE Points cards that are floating around out there have essentially no value now. Oh well... these things happen. People just have to be aware and strike while the iron's still hot.

UDE Points and WoW TCGThere is an official message displayed at the UDE Points Store, but it is only visible after logging in. It seems that UDE is working towards finding a solution that will offer some sort of consolation for unredeemed points, but there is no acknowledgment of unredeemed cards.

Any updates on the future redemption of existing UDE Points will be posted as information is obtained.

In the meantime, it's probably advisable to voice your opinion and concern on this matter in the official WoW TCG Forum. The more people that petition for this redemption of unspent points, the more likely it will happen, instead of it just being slyly swept under the rug.


  1. jason says

    That is bullshit that they even sell this cards still. Now you can’t use them they get you for 1 card to in a pack.

  2. kaotws says

    I have 10 points cards not cool. wy are you still selling the cards if points arent good.??????????????????? wow some b-day for me.

    • Admin says

      I’m not sure to whom this comment is directed, but this site does not “sell” anything. All of the items you see available on here are listed by 3rd party sellers on ebay.

      The purpose of this site is to provide information about the cards, as well as feature live auctions for you to bid on.

  3. kaotws says

    Upper Deck no longer has the license for the WoW TCG, and hasn’t for nearly a year now.
    Then why are you still putting the point card in the deck?????? not cool !!!!!!!

    • Admin says

      The point cards are no longer in the decks — not in the post UDE expansions anyway.

      The UDE Points loot can still be redeemed, provided you purchase a loot code. The only thing you cannot do is redeem the UDE Points cards for UDE Points loot.

      • Michael says

        They were still in circulation so they should be honored! I spend $10 specifically to try and get loot cards and now I can’t even use the lame points? Great customer service…..

  4. MR.MAD says

    This really sucks I had like 29 UDE cards I wanted to use today and this is just a big finger to the face. I think its really stupid how there doin all this!!

  5. leveiticus says

    I got a lot of these cards just for the points last week there should be some law against the sale of this item and if they do not got a license with them why have they not pulled this item?

    • Pissed Off says

      I frigin’ agree I”M VERY ANGRY. I bught maybe thrity packs and go to redeem my codes and guess what?…… I CAN F***ING REDEEM MY CODES! I WOULD HAVE HAD 3000 POINTS! :(

  6. JBP1087 says

    What the hell? Okay they need to really stop selling these packs if they are not going to allow you to redeem your points. Pissed me off that I bought a deck for the first time and come to find out that my points are worthless! Eh like they really care, just sucking away our money. :(

  7. Ashley says

    Just bought two 3 packs today… got 3 UDE point cards. Tried going to the website on the card and it just sent me around in circles. Are UDE point still non-redeemable?

  8. pissed off says

    i just bought these trading cards today for 20 bucks for a card and i had no idea this had closed and ive never done this before total bull crap

    • Irritated says

      This just happened to me as well. I was sold the point card to find out they can not be redeemed. I am very upset. I wasted my Christmas money

  9. Unhappy customer says

    Seriously this sucks ass i didnt know that this was the case I would never have bought a single booster pack never mind an entire box of booster packs lol, plz make the cards redeemable, you guys put them into press and hold liability for them so please honour!

  10. Jeremy Varner says

    I just got ten booster packs from my wife for Xmas it’s kind of messed up we don’t get what we pay for and can b lied to to buy these packs when there nolonger anygood I wish I could so more about this but the little people always get the shaft way to go upper deck u suck for this. UDE. Stuff it’s bs that there still being sold

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