UDE Points Program Suspended

It seems that Upper Deck has suspended the redemption of UDE Points from their online store. It was rumored that items were going to probably be in short supply, but this comes as a surprise to many, as it came without warning.

From the official WoW Forums:

The UD points program has been suspended. We realize that many of the prizes provided through the program were virtual items used in the on-line World of War craft game. We are actively working with Blizzard on a possible solution. Please keep checking the website where we will post all updates.

Thank You,

The Upper Deck Company

Since this post was not made by a representative of Blizzard or UDE, it is not an official announcement. However, it does appear that many others have been shut down when trying to redeem their UDE Points at the Upper Deck website.

No update has been given as to whether or not the program will be reinstated in the near future.


  1. brian says

    Yea i bought the combo pack for 10.00 and if the cards are no good then why have them out still?! id like some new cards that work or something in that nature…

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