Crown of the Heavens Loot Preview

The Patch 4.3 PTR has revealed the names of the loot items that will come out of the Crown of the Heavens WoW TCG expansion.

Considering Throne of Tides is still a week and a half out, it's likely that Crown of the Heavens will not be released until late December or January, 2012.

At any rate... here are the loots that Crown of the Heavens has in store for us...

Corrupted Hippogryph

The Corrupted Hippogryph is a new epic flyer, and a pretty nice looking one at that. This loot will be rare, with an estimated pull rate of 1 in 242 packs.

Corrupted Hippogryph WoW Mount Tooltip

Here's a sneak preview of the Corrupted Hippogryph...

Corrupted Hippogryph WoW Mount

Corrupted Hippogryph

Ogre Mage Costume

Sounds like we'll be getting a caster version of the ever-popular, increasingly rare and very expensive Ogre Disguise Trinket. This will definitely be a welcome loot item for those that didn't manage to grab an Ogre Costume when the UDE Points system was happening. The Carved Ogre Idol is one of the most amusing and coveted loot items that's been available through the WoW TCG.

Red Ogre Mage Costume

Gregarious Grell

A new pet loot from the WoW TCG, and the first Grell pet available in World of Warcraft.

Gregarious Grell WoW Loot Tooltip

Here's a sneak peak at its possible model...

Gregarious Grell

Gregarious Grell

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