UDE Points Loot

Update: June, 2010 -- Please note that UDE Points are no longer redeemable, however, UDE Points loot codes can still be purchased on ebay.

RIP WoW TCG UDE Points ProgramIn May of 2010, Upper Deck suspended the UDE Points program, then eventually shut it down completely the following month. This was most unfortunate for players who'd been collecting UDE Points with the intention of redeeming them for some of the sweet loot included on this page.

As a result of the program's shut down, the only way to get any of the UDE Points loot nowadays is by purchasing a loot code that someone had earned by redeeming the UDE Points. As you can imagine, these loot codes are extremely rare.

Exclusive UDE Points Loot Items

Fireworks Trinket - Redeem for Perpetual Purple Firework. This item lets you create your very own fireworks display anywhere and anytime.

Perpetual Purple Firework

Ogre Disguise Trinket - Redeem for Carved Ogre Idol. This item transforms you into an ogre for ten minutes.

Carved Ogre  Idol

Landro's Pet Box Loot Code - Redeem for one Landro's Pet Box.

This in-game loot item will randomly reward you with one of the following prizes:
Landro's Pet Box

Epic Tabards originally available via UDE Points

There are a total of seven epic tabards* that were obtainable through the UDE Points system.
Tabard of Frost

* Tabard of Flame is a reward from the Landro Longshot WoW TCG Loot Card.